Our Services

PEDRO specialize in the following Services:

• Security Jobs
• Security Guard & Escort Services
• Private Investigation Service
• Photographic / Video Evidence
• Biometrics Systems
• Card Access Systems
• Remote Video Surveillance
• Security Systems
• Security Evaluation
• Other Security related Services

We have sector managers to oversee the supervision of the men at the assignments within a particular sector and to attend to the clients’ individual requirements. They act as the Liaison Officers between our clients and the Company.

We also have patrol officers working round the clock to ensure that every assignment is adequately manned and running smoothly.

We offers prevention, protection, and peace of mind for commercial, industrial & Private Residential premises Plainclothes security officers for hotels, shopping centers & entertainment outlets, VIPs Protection & Events. We can meet any security need you may have with a state-of-the-art equipment and professional services.

In addition to the services offered above, PEDRO provides a FREE, no obligation site/security survey where we can help assess your security requirements.

Security Officers

Our Guards are a reflection of us – so our screening and training process must be through. As a result, PEDRO Investigations & Security Services are trustworthy and reliable. All Guards are well equipped and capable of handling a variety of duties. The presence of a Security Guard is often enough to deter a would-be criminal. Our Guards are also there to detect and act quickly upon any attack against your property or personnel. Whatever your guard requirements – from general security to gate keeping – leave it to us at PEDRO and rest easy.

All Guards are required to attend ongoing training in :

• Fire Fighting Techniques
• First Aid
• Security Measures & Reporting
• Public Relations
• Access Control
• The Law

Foot Patrol

An economical, yet effective form of security is the “man on the beat”.

Foot patrols have been long recognized as an excellent criminal deterrent and at PEDRO, we have been using it since we started in the early 90’s. You may have defined areas inside or outside your building that require patrolling at specific times. Or you may require random checks on the security of your premises. We will sit down with you, discuss your particular needs and compile a security program tailor-made to your requirements. PEDRO Investigations & Security Services ensures quick response to an alarm situation.

Our years of experience and proven ability to attend, access and act quickly, is vital to your security.

Private Detective

We Find People and Locate Assets
At PEDRO we are specializing in all area’s of investigations on both a personal and corporate scale like:

• Matrimonial Enquiries
• Trace Enquiries
• Fraud
• Insurance Claims
• Surveillance
• Vehicle Tracking
• Collecting evidence for Divorce Proceedings
• Tracing Spouse’ Movements
• Illegitimate Relationship
• Family Disputes
• Tracing of Missing Persons

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Since 1994, it has been the individual dedication, combined synergy and contributions of our multi-ethnic and multi-talented teams…resulting from our selective recruitment over the years that continue to give us the staying and keeping success in spite of the times. This show in our growing staff strength of more than 280 and an annual turnover of more than 5.5 million.

Our winning formula in renewing and strengthening ties, builds us a loyal network that now has crossed geographically to forge professional friendships worldwide.

Technology is shrinking time, space and place and at PEDRO, we have maintained a way to make this work for both our Company and our Client. Within our services, please peruse our recent Partial Client List. Feel free to call them regarding the quality of our services. to your security.

We bless you and welcome you to benefit from our expertise and friendship. To get the latest and best in local security services, all you’ve really got to say to us (by email or fax).


Reasons why should you choose PEDRO Security Support Services:

  • FREE On-Site Security Survey – Our profesional security consultants are available to help you solve all of your security. We will review your present commercial or residential security situation and help you decide what added services or capabilities you need.
  • Written “No Surprises” Proposals – Following your on-site security survey – and based upon our discussions – we will prepare a detailed written proposal for your review and consideration.
  • Relief Personal-We have relief security guard personnel to cover rest days, Public Holidays, Medical Leave and emergencies
Security Training

Security Officers.
We represent qualified, licensed, and fully insured security officers for all forms of protection, adequate knowledge in security operations. It is a pre-requisite for each security officers to be put through intensive in-house training to ensure that they meet the Company’s and our client’s requirements.

We send all our security officer for security trainings. The training covers basic fire procedures, incident report writing, checking of vehicles, public relations and first aid, among other things.

CID Screening
All our officers are screened and approved by the CID before they are deployed to assignments.

SS 558:2010 Control Room Services
  • Provide 24 hours Monitoring and Operator Services.
  • Incident Management and Documentation Services.
  • Provide E-Occurrence round the clock with reporting on Deployment and Emergency services notification.
  • Attendance monitoring during shift changeover.
  • Provide CCTV recording Data Storage Facilities up to 60 days.

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