Security Officers

Security Officers

Our Guards are a reflection of us - so our screening and training process must be through. As a result, PEDRO Investigations & Security Services are trustworthy and reliable. All Guards are well equipped and capable of handling a variety of duties. The presence of a Security Guard is often enough to deter a would-be criminal. Our Guards are also there to detect and act quickly upon any attack against your property or personnel. Whatever your guard requirements - from general security to gate keeping - leave it to us at PEDRO and rest easy.

All Guards are required to attend ongoing training in :

  • Fire Fighting Techniques
  • First Aid
  • Security Measures & Reporting
  • Public Relations
  • Access Control
  • The Law

An economical, yet effective form of security is the "man on the beat".

Foot patrols have been long recognised as an excellent criminal deterrent and at PEDRO, we have been using it since we started in the early 90's. You may have defined areas inside or outside your building that require patrolling at specific times. Or you may require random checks on the security of your premises. We will sit down with you, discuss your particular needs and compile a security program tailor-made to your requirements. PEDRO Investigations & Security Services ensures quick response to an alarm situation.

Our years of experience and proven ability to attend, access and act quickly, is vital to your security.